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Thinking of graphic designing what comes to your mind? May be an advertisement that interrupted your YouTube video, an offer that your favorite influencer shared by using graphics on Instagram, or the images which you have seen while reading an article? Yes, these all are examples of graphic design. In fact logos, infographics, website layouts, business cards, magazines, and book covers also come under graphic designs. And the best part is this list is a lot complete and there are many more examples of graphic designs.




Above were the only examples used to make an image of graphic designing in the reader’s mind. Now we will discuss the definition of graphic designing.


A graphic designer displays the information through visuals and designs. It is the combination of images, words, and ideas


Read the text below for a better understanding…


It is a different way of conveying your ideas and messages to your customer. Colorful and informative graphics catch users’ attention and leaves a long-lasting effect on users’ mind. In this world where people do not bother to read the whole article, it is a very smart move to convey ideas in a graphic form, in this way your message will reach more people in a much lesser time.


In the above paragraph, a few points about graphic designing are mentioned that need to be highlighted


  • Graphic designs are colorful and informative. That means graphic designs have to be exciting and not boring. Colors definitely add excitement to anything. Another property of graphic designs which is mentioned is the attractive color combinations, information should also be used in the designed graphics. That is equally important because content matters a lot to provide value, especially for marketing purposes.


  • It leaves a long-lasting effect on the audience. Research says that we are more likely to remember what we see than what we read or listen to. This means if your graphics have a smart design and required information then people will remember it and that means they will remember your brand.


  • In this busy world if they an article of 1000 words on their social media application or an infographic which has attractive images with some information about an offer or a launch of a new fast food outlet, people will be 100% attracted towards the graphic design rather than the whole article. So if you are trying to engage a large audience for brand recognition then you should add graphic designing to your to-do list.




As we have given different examples of graphic design it shows that graphic design is a vast field with different types of applications. If we talk about graphic design 30 years ago we know that magazines, movie posters, and advertisements were the famous type of graphic design back then. But now the world has digitized and so the graphic design. In the digital world, we are mentioning some most used types of graphic design.


  1. Website Designing


Website designing plays a very important role in attracting the user. If the designs used in your website are not eye-catching then users will not bother to see the details of your website and visit the other website which looks more professional. A good website design includes the display of the website, templates with good color combinations and well-organized data, prominently written goals and strategies, etc.


  1. User Experience (UX) Design


If I explain in the simplest words then user experience is the experience of the end user’s interaction with the product or service and the company. To explain it for better understanding let’s look at this digital example.


You visit a clothing brand website and place an order. It asks for your number, email, address, and the method of payment you choose. This is a smooth checkout process and user-friendly too. In this way, the website is not asking for unnecessary information. The company understands your needs which is a simple and fast checkout process and this is how it is designed.


  1. Motion Graphics Design


We can say that it is a specific type of animation. People also say that it is animated graphic designs. The components of motion graphics are images, texts, and sound through which desired idea is explained. Special effects are used to bring these components to life.




We have properly discussed what graphic designing is and we have also talked about the latest types of graphic design. Now when you know what type of graphics you should use in 2021 you would also want to know why do you need graphic design for your business. Right? So let’s have a look at the following points which highlight the importance of graphic designing in a business.




Graphic designs give your company a unique style that differentiates you from your competitors. Having your unique style means your own unique identity which no one else has. It is something that helps your current and potential customers to identify you in a crowd.




As we mentioned above graphic designs leave a long-lasting effect on the audience and that is because it catches the audience’s attention immediately even before the words. Graphics are the best option if you are trying to spread your business. And if you wisely combine graphics with words then it can do wonders.




The good-quality graphic design adds value to your business. Because graphics catch the audience’s attention before words then it has to be representable. I have read somewhere that ‘graphic design is the red carpet outfit of your business’. The first thing people are going to see about your business should be great and appealing because people judge what they see. It makes your image. Having a good image is important to gain people’s trust so that they won’t hesitate to do business with you.



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