Lafian Enterprises came to Digilysist in the
month of April last year. they wanted to
make an online presence for their business
and wanted to sell out their products with
it. First they needed a website and then
they needed social media marketing.
services to market the products on
website. Furthermore they needed social
media management services to maintain
their brand positioning. We created a
simple E-Commerce website for them and
started their campaigns on social media
while we made a content strategy for
their page



Lafian Enterprises

Website, Social Media Marketing



Our first step will be to establish a maintained Social Media presence by 
communicating brand values to the target market with scheduled calendar
creative posting. Furthermore, in this phase, we will be setting up data
fetching tools such as Facebook pixel & Google Analytics to integrate the
website with our Advertisement Media


After establishing our presence, We will start testing advertisement 
campaigns to find out in which segment of respective Social Medium’s
algorithm, our customers are found. As soon, as we start getting satisfactory
results and reach the Break-Even phase, We will move on to the next phase.


After finding out the segmentations in which our customers are found and 
reaching the Break-Even level, Our next goal will be to minimize the
advertisement cost and maximize the number of purchases made so we can
improve our ROI and increase profit margin. To do so, We will keep
running our best performing Campaigns simultaneously with the new test
campaigns, so we can adapt to new findings.

Our Social Media Posts

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